Monday, October 22, 2007

There You Are

I open my eyes
and there You are
The touch of the wind on my face
The sun on my skin

I hear You in the songs of the birds
I taste You in the salt air
I breathe You in

I see You in the colors of the sea and sky
Brilliant and incomparable
I think of You
and You are as close as my breath

In this moment I wonder
How can I ever feel alone?
And yet, at times, I do

How is it that You can be so close
I know You are here always
and yet, I feel longing?

Perhaps it is that You are here
and we are playing hide and seek
You are so close, and I do not see You

Or maybe my senses have dulled
distracted by busy-ness and life
or deceived by religious lies
about You or about me

But then I realize, once again
You have been here all the time
There You are!

Even though You never left me
I have missed You so
Help me keep my eyes on You
as You hold me close for eternity....

(c) 2007, J.A.D.