Monday, July 10, 2006

See you on the other side?

A few years ago, I was talking with God about our relationship. I wanted to really understand His love and perspective, and to be able to see myself as He sees me. He responded with the song below, complete with guitar chords, and touched my heart in a very deep way. What perhaps touched me the most was how far off this was from what we were presented with at church at the time. I think if we ever really grasp His love and how He sees us, we will forever be changed.

For us, we hear all the time "It's all about You, Jesus". But for Him, it's about US. There is nothing holy or wonderful about "wormy" thinking ("I'm nothing but a low-down, dirty, rotten sinner saved by grace", "I'm not worthy of His love", etc.). These are entrapments and bondages and we are not to take them up again once we have received His love, grace and forgiveness and have been made new. "Behold, all things have passed away - everything is new". In many places in scripture, He tells us that He is our "Ishi" (husband). I can't imagine that any husband would rather his bride lay at his feet all the time, or only serve him all the time... (after all, she is his bride). I believe he would rather take her into his arms so that they might fully enjoy each other, investing their lives together, building a strong, loving, lasting relationship.

Perhaps this is a stretch for you, but this is the relationship God has brought to us... He is available to us, and desires that we draw near and enjoy Him and that He could enjoy us. There are so many traps along the way - busyness, obligations, legalism, religion, feelings, unworthiness, fear, and so many more... but if we can see through them and see Him, we will never be satisfied with anything less. Can you hear Him singing to you? Calling to you? Do you see Him waiting for YOU? Oh, how He desires YOU... See if you can hear Him...

Waiting Here For You

1st Verse:
I’m waiting here for you, My beloved Bride

Waiting for you to lay all those things aside

Have I asked for your service? Your worship, or sacrifice?

All I’ve really wanted is for you to love Me all of your life

2nd Verse:
I’m waiting here for you, My beloved Bride

Waiting to share with you My heart and My mind

If you are willing, if it’s Me your thinking of -

All I’ve really wanted is for us to share our love

3rd Verse:
I’m waiting here for you, My beloved Bride

You once were taken, dear, from my wounded side

If you will come unto Me, then you will see great things

Come share My love, My Bride, in the shelter of My wings

Will you love Me? Will you be with Me?

Will you truly be Mine?

I am waiting here for you, if you only have the time.

I am waiting here for you, if you only have the time.

I am waiting here for you, will you find the time?

©Jeff Dean, 2003. All rights reserved.

So - can we cross the bridge from performance, works and service over to the land of pure love, grace and intimacy with God? I hope to see you on the other side.


*By the way, the photo at top was taken by my sister-in-law at Jekyll Island, GA, a couple of week ago.

Hope in the Midst of Chaos

This was posted recently by Kim Clement. It was a great encouragement to me personally...

July 6, 2006

Kim Clement: "Hope in the Midst
of Chaos"

kim clementThe Word "Crisis"

The word "crisis" in the Chinese language has two symbols that define its meaning. One represents "potential danger," and the other represents "hidden opportunity." So it appears that the Chinese indicate in their beliefs, that a crisis isn't always a bad thing. Even though there is potential for danger, there is an equal amount of hidden opportunity. They have the attitude that a crisis has the potential to take them to a better place.

See From God's Perspective

This brings us to the subject of perspective. We take away the hidden opportunity when we blame God for whatever "crisis" we have found ourselves in. We must learn to see from God's perspective, and draw truth from chaos. God will show you the measure of opportunity that can come out of a crisis.

In Hebrew, the word for crisis is the same word they used to describe a "birth stool," which was the seat Jewish women sat on as they gave birth. So during a crisis, you are giving birth. Out of this pain, you are going to bring forth something great, and it will come from within you. Instead of trying to lay blame, remember that God has given you a promise.

When Joseph was falsely imprisoned, instead of hiding away in misery, he prospered. Joseph believed he was to take advantage of his circumstances. He knew he would make it through--to the promise God had given him. He prophesied and interpreted dreams while he was in prison.

Hidden Opportunity

When you find yourself in a crisis, you must function as though you are already living in your promise. In crisis, do what God told you to do, and you will find what is hidden.

The hidden opportunity is the potential danger, because we are preached to on a continuous basis about how bad our circumstances are. We are not often encouraged enough to discover the hidden opportunity. The Bible says that God shares His secrets (hidden opportunities) with His servants, the prophets.

Instead of showing those who are lost and blinded by sin that there is a hidden opportunity in their present circumstances, the church is constantly trying to get rid of those who have problems that are too hard to deal with, such as homosexuality and pedophilia.

Your crisis can become the birthing ground for unrealized destiny. Crisis always produces equal measures of devastation and opportunity, and anyone will agree that it is considered an unpleasant thing.

Dwelling Carelessly

Proverbs 29:18, "Where there is no vision, the people perish...."

I did a study in the Scandinavian Bible on Proverbs 29:18, and their version is slightly different than our English version. The Scandinavian version says, "Without progressive revelation, the people dwell carelessly." To dwell carelessly means to live loosely by speaking badly of one another and fighting one another.

When a church is dwelling carelessly by gossiping and fighting with each other, they have no progressive or future insight. This usually happens when the eschatology has the escapism perspective (we must get out of here). By adapting this kind of thinking, they have taken progressive revelation away from the people.

What is Hope

When you have hope, but have not seen it, that is progressive revelation. Paul said in Romans, that hope is no longer hope, when it is felt and seen with the natural eye. Hope is only hope, when you DON'T have what you are hoping for in your hands yet.

Without hope, you will not live. When God gives you a sure prophetic word about your future, hope is once again given to you (activated). When you don't have something in your hands, you work harder to get it. The eschatology that teaches that we are "going home" soon, takes away any hope for the future. Why should we sit around and wait?

Look Forward to Your Destiny

We are tired of the church that tells us to sit around and wait for Jesus to come back. We know that He will return, but we also know that no man will know the day or the hour of His return. We aren't to know the time of His return, so that we can continue to hope and work towards our destiny-- both as a whole human race, and as individual souls.

I encourage you to get some progressive revelation in your life and continue to look to the future. Don't worry about the mistakes of others, but help them to see from a divine perspective, and continue to progress in revelation.

Push for your destiny, and keep hope alive when the enemy rises up against you, because hope will keep you alive!

By Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions