Monday, July 10, 2006

See you on the other side?

A few years ago, I was talking with God about our relationship. I wanted to really understand His love and perspective, and to be able to see myself as He sees me. He responded with the song below, complete with guitar chords, and touched my heart in a very deep way. What perhaps touched me the most was how far off this was from what we were presented with at church at the time. I think if we ever really grasp His love and how He sees us, we will forever be changed.

For us, we hear all the time "It's all about You, Jesus". But for Him, it's about US. There is nothing holy or wonderful about "wormy" thinking ("I'm nothing but a low-down, dirty, rotten sinner saved by grace", "I'm not worthy of His love", etc.). These are entrapments and bondages and we are not to take them up again once we have received His love, grace and forgiveness and have been made new. "Behold, all things have passed away - everything is new". In many places in scripture, He tells us that He is our "Ishi" (husband). I can't imagine that any husband would rather his bride lay at his feet all the time, or only serve him all the time... (after all, she is his bride). I believe he would rather take her into his arms so that they might fully enjoy each other, investing their lives together, building a strong, loving, lasting relationship.

Perhaps this is a stretch for you, but this is the relationship God has brought to us... He is available to us, and desires that we draw near and enjoy Him and that He could enjoy us. There are so many traps along the way - busyness, obligations, legalism, religion, feelings, unworthiness, fear, and so many more... but if we can see through them and see Him, we will never be satisfied with anything less. Can you hear Him singing to you? Calling to you? Do you see Him waiting for YOU? Oh, how He desires YOU... See if you can hear Him...

Waiting Here For You

1st Verse:
I’m waiting here for you, My beloved Bride

Waiting for you to lay all those things aside

Have I asked for your service? Your worship, or sacrifice?

All I’ve really wanted is for you to love Me all of your life

2nd Verse:
I’m waiting here for you, My beloved Bride

Waiting to share with you My heart and My mind

If you are willing, if it’s Me your thinking of -

All I’ve really wanted is for us to share our love

3rd Verse:
I’m waiting here for you, My beloved Bride

You once were taken, dear, from my wounded side

If you will come unto Me, then you will see great things

Come share My love, My Bride, in the shelter of My wings

Will you love Me? Will you be with Me?

Will you truly be Mine?

I am waiting here for you, if you only have the time.

I am waiting here for you, if you only have the time.

I am waiting here for you, will you find the time?

©Jeff Dean, 2003. All rights reserved.

So - can we cross the bridge from performance, works and service over to the land of pure love, grace and intimacy with God? I hope to see you on the other side.


*By the way, the photo at top was taken by my sister-in-law at Jekyll Island, GA, a couple of week ago.


mukeyjoy said...

OH Jeff! How totally beautiful! You wrote that? Beautiful. I'm sending it to kingsjoy. And the picture is amazing.

I'm glad you are doing better. We think of you often. Be Blessed! Thank you for sharing.

GoteeMan said...

I only was able to write it because HE totally gave it to me. I've written songs before, but this one was literally given to me in less than 15 minutes, guitar chords and all... It was amazing.

The picture was incredible. My sister-in-law uploaded it to after the trip to Jekyll Island (our boys both went with them and the grandparents), and that picture really blew me away. The one from before with the light coming through the trees was also one she sent me.

Thanks very much for the prayers and thoughts. You guys are very special.


GoteeMan said...

By the way, not trying to sound "all spiritual" or anything - just a matter of fact that the song was given to me in a matter of minutes, and it was complete. That's only happened one other time before.

Margy said...

Awesome photo, Jeff...and also an awesome song, you song-writer in hiding, you!
It made me think of a song I heard in Jamaica during a college mission trip. I have no clue who wrote it...a very energetic small church congregation we visited were singing it...and it was the first time I'd ever seen intimate worship! I sang it in front of a large body of believers several years ago during a time when that type of true intimacy was sought after....
anyhow, here are the words:
Enter my chamber, be near Holy Spirit
Speak to me gently, as I close the door
Heavenly Lover, let Thy Spirit hover
Shekinah unending is all I long for!

In retrospect, the final line could have instead listed a different set of desires...sitting around waiting for His glory may not be on the top of our wish list...rather, just that simple intimacy you talked about, the knowledge that He truly likes us...what an astounding truth!

GoteeMan said...

Margy - I used to write alot when I was in high-school and college, and still have most of the songs. This time was really different, because it was all given to me at one time, almost like dictation.

Thanks for sharing the song you learned on the mission trip. That was cool.