Saturday, August 11, 2007

In Our Father's Eyes....

If we can only learn to see...

In Our Father's Eyes

My Life
Seemingly Invisible
Mostly Complicated
Often Feeling Insignificant

And Yet
Knowing Somehow
Deep Inside
I Am Much More

Clearly Now
Becoming Aware
Truly Made
For His Good Pleasure

For Me
All About
My Heavenly Father
Who Loves Me So

For Him
All About Me
He Tells Me
I Am His Favorite

Love Is The Depth of Acceptance
Peace Is The Depth of Abundance
Joy Is The Depth of Freedom
And In Him, I Find Myself

Complete & Whole
Without Blemish
Without Need
No Longer Judged or Needing to Judge

I Spot Him In You
Such Love In Your Eyes
You, As I,
Have Our Father's Eyes

J/ (C) 2007

* Picture above is a picture from the Hubbel telesope, and named the "Eye of God" Nebula...


kendra said...

When I looked at this picture which I know that I have seen in before, I got chills. Really staring at it, thinking of God's eye brought chills and deeper sense of realty of God to me.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Wow... beautiful poem... as usual...
that picture is amazing....

Buddy.. you should put your email on your profile so us bloggers can email you back when you comment on our blogs! Or.. email me..


GoteeMan said...

Kendra - Thanks for coming by. I get the same feeling when I see that picture. It's like I can see His love for me in His eye... penetrating my soul...


GoteeMan said...

Terri - I am in the middle of switching from Comtrash to AT&T Bellsouth DSL Extreme, so once I do, I will setup one of my new ID's for that very purpose...

Thanks for stopping by, and for the encouragement...


BottleBlonde said...

Jeff, awesome pic. Awe inspiring, really. And of course, awesome poem. What a nice way to begin my Monday!

GoteeMan said...

Thanks, Heidi! Good to hear from you again... Hope you are doing well.


Lovebabz said...

I needed to see this photo today and read that beautiful poem. I feel the hand of God always and visiting your site is just one more example of his hand guiding me. I needed to see that poem today. Thanks.


GoteeMan said...

Babz -

Welcome! Praying for you today.