Thursday, October 30, 2008


Weary from the long days
The difficult days
Dry in my Spirit
Soul on toward empty

Desert days
Walking sometimes aimlessly
Numb, unaware
Sometimes wanting to die

And then I see
before my eyes
A beautiful sight
just in time

An oasis in my desert
flowing with fresh water
Drenching and refreshing
deep within

Stagnant waters
now moving
Stirring and cleansing
washing away

Restarting the springs
of living waters
A wellspring of life
flowing through me

Newfound peace
Extravagant rest
Finding You
or did You find me?

Filling and fulfilling
Invigorating and thrilling
Bringing near dead
back to fully alive

Strength returning
Clarity and wisdom
Exquisite friendship
Abiding love

J/ (c) 2008


King of New York Hacks said...

well put together the words and the photo. Both flowing together.Well done.

Kel said...

I just love waterfalls...reminds me of the days I lived in Guam and used to climb them often. So breathtaking ...
Thanks for sharing!

houstonmacbro said...

Water, invigorating, refreshing ... all great imagery. You also pick great pictures to go with your poems.

More! More!

Stephanie said...

A stunning photo and remarkable words. Just wonderful!

Stephanie said...

Your raw and descriptive words could bring such comfort to others who are going through trying times....not just through the blogosphere...any thoughts of publishing your poems? They are all incredible!

Pigeon said...

I love the imagery of the waterfall, and how your poetry always tells a story from your experiences in life.

Anonymous said...

this is just beautiful writing. the pic is perfect as well. where is this ?

GoteeMan said...

The picture is Fall Creek Falls, TN... near where I live...


Queen of the Mayhem said...

What a beautiful picture and poem. MM and I climbed the Dunn's River Falls on our was GORGEOUS!

Hope you continue to get your peace!

Caroline said...